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Empowering Native Hawaiians

and their communities!

...illuminating the path forward, guiding with clarity, wisdom, and purpose, towards prosperity for Native Hawaiians and their communities... this is Ka Lama Kuhikuhi.

Preserving Tradition, Nourishing Hearts,

Inspiring Hawaiian Heritage!

Kupuna 02_edited.png

The guiding light


Ka Lama

The torch


To guide or direct


The Torchbearer


Kumu (Teacher/Mentor) guiding others on a path to success.


Ka Lama Kuhikuhi


The Foundation


Founded in 2021, Ka Lama Kuhikuhi is a Hawaii-based domestic non-profit corporation with a guided focus on the enrichment of Native Hawaiians and their heritage.  Ka Lama Kuhikuhi translates as "The guiding light," illuminating a path towards a sustainable and harmonious future for Native Hawaiians and their communities globally. Our commitment extends to the betterment of their heritage, communities, and the Native Hawaiian environment (Malama Aina).

Our Mission


Empower Native Hawaiians worldwide by connecting them to their heritage, communities, and environment through mentorship, education, and economic opportunities. Our goal is to guide individuals toward success in cultural revitalization, environmental conservation, and community well-being. By sharing ancestral knowledge, instilling pride, and promoting sustainable practices, we envision a world where Native Hawaiians thrive in culturally rich, ecologically balanced societies.

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